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How to Request a Quote and Get Your Website Project Started

Hi, You may be wondering how much my project will cost and how long it will take. And what are the resources that should i need to provide. Well, there are many out there who have the same questions. Just click the link below i will guide you step by step. 

1. How much will it cost?

Probably it is really hard to answer your question. Let’s say every project needs varieties of features. So depends on the features it will consume resources and time. Until or unless we know your requirements we can’t give the exact price.

2. How long will it take?

As I said in the previous answer every project contains varieties features and content from the Buyer. Let’s Logo, Color, Fonts and details of your business and photos. If it is an eCommerce Business we need to set up many features like email, payment, etc… and also has to add all products and the product-related description.

Benefits of working with Us?

We have highly professional who are officially graduated from universities and have many years of experience in WordPress. 7cubit is not an individual but is is a team of a member from south-India.

Best Resources

We 7cubit always use the best resources to provide solutions. We also have qualified professionals to handle your project.

On-time Project Delivery

We always focus on quality and timely project delivery.

All Solutions at one place.

We are able to provide all the resources in one place. Logo Design, Website Development and SEO, etc… also we have created a plan called Continuous Success Program Keeping the Business owners in our mind.

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